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Brinno TLC200 Pro

The worlds 1st HDR time lapse video camera. The Brinno TLC200 Pro is built with high performance HDR (High Dynamic Range) image sensor, able to take fantastic high definition video in almost any light level, high or low and all at the push of a button. Wide angle (112degree), interchangeable lens (sold separately) indoors or out (weatherproof box available below). As with all Brinno time lapse cameras, the TLC200 Pro also boasts great battery life of up to 45 days, which for a camera as powerful as this is very good (the lower resolution TLC200 and TLC100 have an even longer battery life, up to 1 year).

HDR Time Lapse Camera (TLC200 Pro)



High performance HDR image sensor

The Brinno TLC200 Pro is built with a high performance (High Dynamic Range) image sensor, High Dynamic Range allows you to take beautiful time lapse video even against strong light! Ultra-High Pixel size allows you to take clear time lapse video even in a low light environment.


The Brinno TLC200 PRO will record for months on its 4 AA batteries, while saving your Time Lapse Video to the SD Card. No stitching thousands of frames together in post processing. Anyone can now create High Definition Time Lapse Videos, any time, any place


The Brinno TLC200 PRO is built with a HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) image sensor making the creation of high quality Time Lapse Videos a snap, even in low light situations where other cameras miss details.
Stunningly simple to use, simply stunning results.


Yes, the Brinno TLC200 PRO instantly produces high quality videos which are compressed into smaller files making playback on smart phones*, with the Brinno ABR100, a snap and making them easy to easy share with the world.

With the TLC200 Pro's CS-mount interface, you can always choose a suitable lens for your needs.


Turn your TLC200 PRO into a Construction Camera with world record class, long term battery life...
40 days while taking a photo every 5 minutes at the Daylight Scene setting.

The new TIMER function allows you to program when the camera will wake up and begin recording and when it will shut off. You now have complete control without needing to be there to turn the camera on.
Set it forget it.

Time Lapse Camera TLC200 Pro Features
TLC200 Pro 6   HDR video sensor TLC200 Pro 5   Instant Video
High performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light! TLC200 Pro captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video.
TLC200 Pro 4  
4.2 µm pixel size  
TLC200 3   Interchangeable Lens
Awesome low light recording and sharper images. Don't like the kit lens? Fine, chose the lens you want.
TLC200 Pro 2  
f2.0 Aspherical lens  
TLC200 Pro 1   Super Wide Angle
Sharper, brighter images with this aspherical glass lens.

112˚Field of View.
A wider area to be recorded creating panoramic images!

Instruction booklet: User manual PDF for Brinno TLC200 Pro

Example Videos: http://www.brinno.com/html/TLC200pro.html

Kit includes: Camera, software, adjustable stand, 4GB memory card and instruction booklet.

Package Contents
TLC200 Pro Package Contents
HDR TimeLapse Camera (TLC200 Pro)
4GB SD Card*
4 AA Batteries*
Kit Lens (BCS 019)
Lens Cover
User Manual



Optional accessories

    TLC200 PRO Weather proof box   Additional Lens

Item code BCS 24-70

  Additional Lens

Item code BCS 18-55

    The official weather proof TLC200 PRO box,

Item code ATH120

1. Lens for TLC200 Pro 2. Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 24-70mmf/1.4-2.4             3. Lens Construction - 10 elements in 8 groups    4. Diagonal Angle of View: 94~38             5. Focus Adjustment : Manual, Vari-focal       6. Closest Focusing Distance : 1cm             7. Dimension : 32 x 40 mm8. Weight : 58g
1. Lens for TLC200 Pro 2. Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 18-55mmf/1.2-1.95           3. Lens Construction - 9 elements in 7 groups, including aspherical lenses                           4. Diagonal Angle of View: 113~48∘       5. Focus Adjustment Manual, Vari-focal       6. Closest Focusing Distance : 1cm7. Dimension : 43 x 55 mm8. Weight : 60g



    34.95+VAT   98.95+VAT   189.95+VAT    

For remote access via wi-fi the compatible card is the EyeFi Pro x2


Full specification of the Brinno TLC200 HDR camera:


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